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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rooster's Revenge, by Beatrice Rodriguez. Enchanted Lion Books, 2011. $14.95 ages 5 and up

A rabbit.

A bear.

A rooster.

Friends on an adventure.

I sincerely hope that you have met these loyal and sympathetic friends before, as this is their third tale. Following The Chicken Thief (2010) and Fox and Hen Together (2011), this is the next in a series of hilarious adventures that will have little ones giggling and parents in awe of what artists can say without saying a single word.

Rooster is on his way back home after having been jilted by his 'Chicken', who has fallen for Fox. Rabbit and Bear are his companions. The setting is the same as in the first book, and they are returning home in reverse. Rooster is grumpy, and unfriendly (not too surprising given the circumstance).

A storm blows up and sends their tiny rowboat on a collision course. Saved by sea turtles after washing up on the shoreline, they are transported to a dry and quiet cave. Rooster is enchanted to find an egg lying next to the skeletal remains of some long dead creature. He covets it, and takes it with them as they journey toward home. Through variety in settings, and weird landscapes teeming with oft-feared creatures, they travel. Rooster has his egg, Bear has a shimmering tiny creature and Rabbit is along for the ride. The turf becomes more familiar, and still Rooster cavorts with the egg.

A bump in the road causes the egg to fall, to crack and out hatches a ....

Children won't be too surprised at the egg's content, or the happiness that is evident in the final spread!

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