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Monday, June 3, 2013

red hat, by Lita Judge. Atheneum Books, Simon & Schuster. 2013. $19.99 ages 2 and up

A red hat holds wonder
for a crew of young forest

A red hat!

What will they do with it?

Where will they take it?

You may recognize these cute little critters! Well, you will if you were lucky enough to have 'read' their first adventure. It happened in the winter when they absconded with a Red Sled that had been innocently left leaning against a little boy's house after he returned home exhausted from a day's play.

He was wearing the same red hat at the time!

Not content with one adventure, the enthusiastic and engaging lot is back to enjoy another such romp with one more of his belongings. His hat has been washed and is hanging on the line to dry. It's pretty hard to resist, just waving there in the breeze.

Spring has definitely sprung. The flowers are in full bloom. Butterflies flit through the air. Bunnies are engaging in hopping games. When they see the hat, the cub takes control. With an inquisitive Hmmmm? he sets in motion a series of games that will have little ones giggling with delight at the
obvious pleasure the animals take in sharing the hat as it unravels.

Using words full of expression and wonder, Lita Judge shows what can happen when things get out of hand. It starts out as a much-loved article of clothing and ends up a tangled mess. Feeling guilty at the result of their play, they quietly slink away, leaving the hat on the line where they found it.

The little boy seems unconcerned and cleverly creates a new hat...and it doesn't end there! 

Told with meaningful sounds and charming illustrations, this book will quickly become a favorite! There is so much to enjoy while sharing it. Be sure to have a copy of Red Sled nearby. That will double the fun!!

Now that you have read both, you can anticipate with me another tale from the incomparable Lita Judge. I know we won't be disappointed.

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