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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow Day! Written by Lester L. Laminack and illustrated by Adam Gustavson. Peachtree, 2010. $8.95 ages 3 and up

"I know, I know.
We should go to bed.
Tomorrow's a big snow day.

Goodnight, everyone.
Sleep tight, everyone.
We're building a snowman

There was a time when the weather report predicting snow would fill me with the same kind of joy and anticipation felt in this story. Now, I think about it for a totally different reason. It means staying home, curled up with a book by the fire...with a hot cup of tea and a warm and cozy blanket.  Good excuse for not going outside...that's me!

No one can wait! They're saying there is going to be a lot of it. Wahoo!  Look to the sky, feel the cold that promises snow, imagine what the world will look like in the morning.  There is such joy to be had:

"Yes! A snow day.
You know what that means?
No alarm clock ringing.
No one saying, "Time to get up."
No one shouting, "Hurry or you'll be late!"
No school!"

Tomorrow, it's hot cocoa in snowman mugs, pajamas and the old blue blanket. It's going to be deep and delicious. They'll have to climb out the windows if they want to be outside. We all need a snow day:

"I need a snow day -
a day to play outside,
a day to read my new book,
a day to watch TV."

What could be better?

Lester Laminack knows exactly how the anticipation of a snow day feels. Adam Gustavson brings all of those anticipatory feelings to life in his illustrations. He uses oils to give his characters depth, expression and active joy as they plan a 'snow day'. I love the way he uses the light to make his scenes glow and his changing perspectives to give readers a sense of all of the feelings and energy being mustered. The surprise ending is just perfect!

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