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Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy, written and illustrated by Jan Thomas. Beach Lane, Simon & Schuster, 2012. 14.99 ages 2 and up

"It's time
for little cows
to rest their heads.

It's time
for little cows
to go to bed.

It's time
for little cows
to sleep so tight."

I love Jan Thomas as much as I love Mo Willems...and I don't even know them! I love what they do for young children in their bid to be literate. They write stories that matter...and that little ones love to hear and learn to read themselves, and that make them realize that reading is important and lively and life-altering. It isn't just because the books are silly; it's because they entertain, and they make young children believe in themselves as readers. Thank you Jan and Mo for doing that each and every time you sit down to write your next book!

Silliness is definitely the name of the game, where a not-so-reassuring cowboy is determined to lull his charges to sleep for a night in the desert. The song begins with rhyming refrains, making it easy for little ones to 'read' it themselves pretty quickly. Of course, humor abounds as the timid cowboy does his best to make his cattle (two of them) feel safe and sleepy. Yet, with each new shadow and a resounding 'Eeeeeek!', they are nowhere near prepared to close their eyes. Each time he is discombobulated by an unknown silhouette, his charges reassure him and he settles in to lullaby them once more.

When real danger appears, the cowboy is no longer worried, thinking that it must be a fluffy rabbit. He could not be more wrong! The cows seem apprehensive about this new threat...but not to worry, wolves also love lullabies. What good luck for everyone!

Jan Thomas gives us characters whose fear and delight shine in wonderfully expressive faces, outlined in thick black lines and backgrounded by the deep blues and purples of a desert sky. Don't wait until bedtime to share this book with your little ones, and make sure you put it on your 'keeper' shelf!

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