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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Parade, written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton. Little Simon, Simon & Schuster, 2012. $16.99 ages 2 and up

"One Santa Claus rhino!

Two cow saxophones!

Three piccolo mice!

And four ducks with trombones!"

If you can't picture it, you will need to get your hands on this new Christmas book from the adept and always entertaining pen of Sandra Boynton. She sure does know what little ones love, and here she shares that knowledge in a rollicking, rhyming parade of her signature characters all wishing readers a very Merry Christmas.

The auspicious sounds of a live band get us right in the mood:

"BOOM biddy BOOM biddy
Biddy BOOM biddy BOOM

The troubled pig at the bottom of the page wonders aloud what the noise is.

She's encouraged to run to the window and get ready for a big surprise! First on the scene is the elephant, focused on his task of beating the big bass drum that keeps the beat and leads the band in stately fashion. The chickens are next, one is perplexed. Maybe she doesn't know the music...she appears distracted, that's for certain. Along come the piggies hoisting balloons and a banner. A host of drumming hipppos and a single cat drummer are next. Then reindeer spread 'holly'day cheer with a confetti of holly leaves (ouch!)...they are followed by more musicians and a wee tiny  bird foisting the largest tuba you've ever seen!

A knock at the door hails the, once again, troubled pig to the door for a final friendly Christmas wish!

The rhythms are strong, and little ones will quickly recognize when the music builds...

It's full of fun, with much to discuss. You are sure to hear that phrase that readers love to hear....again, please!

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