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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs, retold and illustrated by Mo Willems. Balzer & Bray, Harper. 2012. $19.99 ages 5 and up

"The three dinosaurs went Someplace Else and were definitely not hiding in the woods waiting for an unsuspecting kid to come by. Sure enough, five minutes later a poorly supervised little girl named Goldilocks came traipsing along. Just then the forest boomed with what could have been a dinosaur yelling, "GOTCHA!..."

Kids understand parody when it's explained to them. There are few books better to help them with that understanding than Mo Willems' story of Goldilocks and the dinosaurs who leave their home one day with full knowledge (and glee) that she is likely to find an empty house too enticing to ignore. The chocolate pudding is laid out in bowls on a counter a bit too high for her to see. No problem...

"Then Goldilocks noticed a very tall ladder
that just happened to be there and
certainly wasn't left there on purpose."

Really? I wonder.

Too hot? No matter. It's chocolate pudding after all. Too cold? If you stick your head right into it, you might not notice the temperature. Just right? You can actually swim in it!

"Soon Goldilocks was stuffed like one of those delicious chocolate-filled-little-girl-bonbons (which, by the way, are totally not the favorite things in the whole world for hungry Dinosaurs)."

Undaunted and full to bulging, she is off to find a place to relax and have an after dinner rest. Chairs? Nope! They're all too TALL. About to test the beds, she hears voices and determines she might be in danger. Lucky guess!

"Say what you like about Goldilocks, but she was no fool. As quickly as she could, she ran to the back door and got out of  there!"

 Readers and listeners are privy to exactly what is going on just makes it even more fun. The illustrations are characteristic of Willems' cartoon style and as always, full of expression, detail and humor.

Oh, it's going to be fun sharing this one wherever I go!

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