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Monday, August 6, 2012

Every Day's A Dog's Day, written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Miki Sakamoto. Dial, Penguin. 2012. $18.00 ages 3 and up

"Hole-Digging Day
I must dig a hole
to look for a mole,
to bury a bone,
to lie all alone,
to - who knows what for?
Then until it's a bore,
or my paws get too sore,
I must dig ten more."

Perspective is something that we want to share with budding readers and writers. Perspective gives readers clues to voice and how the story might be read, and gives writers a mentor guide for sharing their thoughts and ideas, no matter the subject.

In her new collection of 30 poems written from a dog's perspective, Marilyn Singer sets out to have her audience experience a year in the life of four canine compatriots. Fizz is the main chronicler of the events that appeal and invite participation from his buddies, Rosalie, Buddy and Barkley. Each has a voice in the action that takes them from January through December, celebrating some common human holidays while also enjoying times especially designed for a pup's pleasure.

The poems are written with variety in form:

"Snow Day

Better than biscuits,
Better than cake,
Better than burgers
(no, that's a mistake),
Better than kibble
or something more sweet
is licking that white stuff
right off of the street!"


"Birthday Party

Bad party. Barkley
took my ball, and that greedy
pug ate the whole cake."

Kids will love knowing what their pet might be thinking; pups will enjoy sharing their feelings and opinions; and readers get a chance to take a trip through a year filled with humorous, endearing celebrations.

Marilyn Singer knows poetry and its many forms. Each of her books is a guide to what is possible when you take a subject, a favorite genre and an enduring interest in entertainment and great joy! Thank you, Ms. Singer.

Here's my fave, and a perfect poem for the first day of school from a pup's perspective:

"Hot weather,
         always together.
Couldn't last -
         summer's past.
Giggles, grumbles.
         School bus rumbles.
Sit and sigh.
         She's gone - good-bye.
Snooze and wait,
Distant humming?
          School bus coming!
Once more, carefree -
           she's home with me!"

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