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Monday, June 18, 2012

I'll Save You BOBO! Written by Eileen Rosenthal and illustrated by Marc Rosenthal. Simon & Schuster, 2012. $16.99 ages 3 and up

"Let's write our own book, Bobo.
It will be all about you. And me.
Bobo, you'll have a scary adventure.
And I'll save you."

I love meeting old friends in new books; and I am doubly delighted when the second book rivals the first for enjoyability. It must be a challenge for any author to bring those characters back to life with the same exuberance. Willy, Bobo and EARL the cat are back and I can't wait to share their new escapade with you today.

While Willy is one year older than when we first met him in I Must Have Bobo!, his voice hasn't changed. Thank goodness!

They have snakey red tongues, and there are
giant poison mushrooms.

The book they are first reading just doesn't have what it takes to entertain Willy and he is sure that Bobo is bored as well. To that end, he decides that they should write their own book. They make it adventurous, and dangerous, and terrifying. When faced with the need for protection he is off and, as he scours the house for the needed materials to make that protective tent, Earl stealthily stalks closer and closer to Bobo. Poor Bobo...always in the middle of things. Willy won't have that darn cat anywhere near them.

As the story and the excitement grows, the attentive listener will watch Earl with interest as he inadvertently creates havoc for Willy. Earl has Bobo right where he wants him when Willy pops out from under the collapsed tent, grabs up Bobo and is off to create another jungle tale.

Now, Earl's in big TROUBLE! and then he gets his comeuppance.

"Oh Earl."

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  1. So glad that this one holds up. My daughter and I love the first one. Such a great read-aloud.