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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Otto the Book Bear, written and illustrated by Katie Cleminson. Random House, 2011. $10.95 ages 4 and up

"Otto didn't like being
all alone. So he made
a plan, packed a bag, and
set off on a new adventure.
But the world outside made
Otto feel very small.
Nobody seemed to notice

Otto lives in one of my favorite places in the world - a book! He is delighted when people take the time to read the book where he lives, and can't think of anything that might make him happier. It is only at night that he comes to life, and chances a change in his daily routine. It is then that he takes some time for himself...wandering the house in search of adventure, reading his own particular favorite books and working on his authoring skills. When the family moves away, Otto is inadvertantly left behind and his life takes a quick turn.

Otto has no choice. He must find a new place to live; and so begins his big adventure. He leaves his book, his shelf, his room and his home. And he sets off across the city. There are worries, and fears and much gloom for Otto on the unfamiliar city streets.

Finally, he finds the perfect place for a book bear!

This one will be just right to add to any list that includes books about books, and libraries, and a love of reading.

I like Katie Cleminson's bold black outlined illustrations and her use of strong color when sharing Otto's big adventure with us. She uses that color to change mood, and to bring peace. There is lots for an eager listener to see as the story is being read, and it affords opportunity for discussion and discovery.

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