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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Going Ape! written by Eduardo Bustos and illustrated by Lucho Rodriguez. Tundra, 2012. $11.99 ages 3 and up

"The chimpanzee is very clever.
He can make tools and use them
for gathering food.
He can even build nests in trees!"

Happy Earth Day everyone!

What better way to celebrate than with books? If you have young children you know that they have great empathy for animals, and want to know as much as they can about them. If you are a teacher in an early years classroom you know that it is often difficult to find books for young children that  have just enough information to satisfy their curiosity. It is an added bonus when they are written in text that they can access on their own.

This new book by Mexican author Eduardo Bustos is perfect for children interested in the primates of the world. We are told on the front flyleaf that 'there are more than two hundred species of primates in the world.' The ones chosen for this book are likely the most familiar, and therefore the most interesting, for the target audience.

Two facing with text and a spot picture of the featured primate in its habitat while the opposite page is a clear, detailed graphic of said primate's head. Each descriptive paragraph provides just enough information for a young child to understand and remember. The graphic illustrations are colorful, and will capture attention.

Finally, an author's note provides additional information of interest to all who share this book:

"There are apes of every size. The tiniest is the Pygmy Marmoset, which fits into the palm of your hand, and the largest, the gorilla, weighs about two hundred kilograms."

This is a great mentor text for young children wanting to share what they have learned about a personal interest in a way that would attract and inform others. 

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