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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Easter Bunny's Assistant, written and illustrated by Jan Thomas. Harper, 2012. $14.99 ages 2 and up

"Today we will show you
how to make BEAUTIFUL
Easter eggs!



I'm so EXCITED!"

I do my best to keep up with new books from Jan Thomas. Somehow, I missed this one. Thanks to Vikki at Harper Canada, I received a copy...too late for Easter but never too late for great enjoyment and perhaps early for next year?

If you have preschoolers and you want to ensure that they are readers who love to read when they are older, this is just the type of book you want them to be reading now. Jan Thomas has a way with words that children love to hear, with stories children love to share and characters we all can love. If this is the first book of hers that you read, please don't make it your last. Every one is a little treasure and will bring such joy to reading them together.

Only two characters here...the Easter Bunny and a Skunk who will provide much needed assistance. Well, maybe not! The job is to dye eggs but to do it without Skunk getting too excited. Perhaps you can guess what happens every time he gets that way. Of course, you can.

What is the skunk's single most unique characteristic? Easter Bunny learns quickly and is anxious to be as accommodating as possible to her assistant. However, there is a limit. A new step in the egg dying process must be added....remove Skunk from the room! It doesn't mean that the problem is solved; but the Easter Bunny is willing to give Skunk a further shot at assisting in the outdoors.  Well done, EB!!

If this is not your first Jan Thomas experience you will have some idea about the interactive nature of her books...her readers are always part of the storytelling. The art is bold, with thick lines and bright colors, distinctive characters and fun, fun, fun. In this one, a new craft is taught and you will have lots to keep you busy following the book share. Get out those eggs!

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