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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy, by Mies Van Hout. Lemniscaat, New York. 2012. $19.95 ages 2 and up





This beautiful book, translated from the Dutch, runs the gamut of emotions from shy to proud, surprised to brave, and many more.

One per page, accompanied by a spectacular piece of artwork to show a small fish as it experiences these many emotions and yet we are totally unaware of what caused each. It is the fish that holds our attention and gives a most accurate portrayal of the named feelings.

They sizzle in brilliant color, from scarlet to turquoise and fiery orange to royal blue. They swim on a black background to emphasize the emotional impact of whatever is happening beyond our view. The words are written in childlike print placed on textured sheets, the colors chosen to enhance and deepen mood and the changing lines to give life to everything being shared.

I guarantee that you will return time and again with wondrous eyes to see these compelling images. What a lovely discovery when I was at Bolen Books last week...thanks to Freda for showing it to me, and to Maddy for bringing it to her mom's attention.

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