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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zombie in Love, written by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Scott Campbell. Atheneum, Simon & Schuster. 2011. $14.99 ages 6 and up

He read books and followed all of the advice. He took his dog for a walk in the park. He worked out at the gym. He even took ballroom dancing lessons. But nothing he did seemed to impress the girls."

It might be the fact that he offered a box of worm-filled chocolates to the girl at the bus stop. Or maybe it was the human heart he gave his mail carrier. Could it be that the diamond ring (displayed on a human finger) for the diner waitress was just a bit gross? No matter...Mortimer just can't seem to catch a break in his search for true love.

Loneliness is his constant companion, and he wants that to change. Perhaps an ad in the paper will do the trick:


If you like taking walks in the
and falling down in the rain.
If you're not into cooking,
if you have half a brain.
If you like waking up at midnight,
horror films, and voodoo,
then I'm the guy who you've
looked for
and I'm dying to meet you!"

A come-on if you've ever heard one, right????

No matter what he does at the Cupid's Ball, Mortimer remains a wallflower. The girls just don't seem attracted to his zombie smile....until he meets his made-in-zombie-heaven match. Her name is Mildred and she is perfect.

The puns flow freely and make this a book that the youngest listeners will enjoy for the story told, while older readers and listeners will 'get' the many funny jokes. They will be hooting with the hilarious doings that find a life in the wild and crazy illustrations that Scott Campbell has created to accompany this love story for zombies...eyeballs that dangle, legs and arms that fall off with exercise, a suit purchased at a funeral home, worms that act as escorts for their sad and lonely friend. It's filled with fun, and wit, and love. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

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