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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a scientist...Kitchen, by Lisa Burke. DK, Tourmaline Editions. 2010. $13.99 ages 4 and up

"Most of what you need to complete the experiments are commonly found around the house. With adult supervision, the results can be just as exciting as delicious food for a hungry young mind. Science can explain the mystery of our universe and help us build a better future."

Science is all about asking 'why?' and then using that interest to help find the answers to our questions. Inisde this book and behind its many flaps, you will find great fun and memorable learning. Perhaps it will lead your child to a life filled with discovery and excitement about their world.

Take a look at its content, head to the kitchen and make some discoveries on your own while you help little ones experiment with common materials and a sense of wonder. Everyday science using everyday materials, what could be easier?

Learn about density, static electricity, structures, magnets and this guide to help children learn basic science understandings and methodology. The experiments are well designed, giving clear directions and providing brightly colored photographs to help in following the method. Simple explanations are provided for each concept and a lifted flap uncovers the science while offering ideas for follow-up procedures.

Questions are encouraged, supplies are easily found and inexpensive. There is fun to be had by all who share this book, and a lot of learning as well:

"Your goo is sometimes a solid and sometimes a liquid! That's because the corn starch doesn't really dissolve in the water. Instead, it forms a suspension of tiny, solid pieces that hang around in the water. Scientists call this strange stuff a colloid."

As is usual, and so much appreciated with DK nonfiction for the young, the photos make each step in the process easy to follow. Large numbers guide parents and young scientists through each experiment. Bright photos make it very clear what is needed to complete it, and the pattern is similar as readers move from one guided experience to the next. A glossary and useful shopping list add to the value so apparent in this amazing series.

Check this out if you want to be part of DK's WHAT DID YOU MAKE ON SPRING BREAK Contest. It's running until the end of March!

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