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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Loves Books, written and illustrated by Louise Yates. Knopf, Random House. 2010. $19.99 ages 3 and up

"When he read,
her forgot
that he was

When he read,
he forgot that
he was alone."

Keeping with the 'love' theme, I want to tell you about this book-loving dog who decides that a owning a bookstore is the course he will set for his immediate future. With experience in doing the same, I knew some of Dog's trials and tribulations when I set out to read his story.

It's a tough go for many! After 12 years of trying, while working full time jobs as well, we decided that we just couldn't do it anymore. Our love of books for children and young adults never waned, our desire to get the right book in the right hands continues; but, the book buyers in our small prairie city could not support our dream of being one of those bookstores that endures. My hat is off to those who do!

When he opens his own bookstore and finds that customers are not beating the door down to get  in, Dog is discouraged. Not being one to wallow in his own misery, he finds himself picking up first one, then another, and still another book to read while he waits for someone to come through the front door.  It takes no time for him to be immersed in story, wandering new worlds, and becoming an expert on the books that fill his shelves.  No matter who comes through the door following these discoveries, Dog always has an apt suggestion.

As librarians, teachers and booksellers know, the more stories we have read, the more easily we find the 'right' book for the 'right' child at the 'right' time. It takes perseverance, a lasting love of the written word and the need to pass on our passion for reading.

Isn't that the best job in the world?

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  1. ... And my dog Sylvie gets another book that I HAVE to read to her! It is the best job in the world.