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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Everyone Ready for Fun? Written and illustrated by Jan Thomas. Beach Lane, Simon & Schuster. 2011. $14.99 ages 2 and up


up and down,
up and down.

Let's all
up and down!"

I love Jan Thomas' delightful sense of fun! Her interactive books are some of my most successful readalouds for the very young. They invite silliness and prove to our youngest listeners that fun can be had in books, and they are worth reading. As I have said before, we want to introduce them to the joy of independent reading. With  repetitive language and humorous tales Jan Thomas is a bright light in the world of stories for the very young. Be sure to check her website at

When the cows notice that chicken has a sofa, they cannot help but use it for mischief! And, they invite us along. They 'plop' down and set the stage for action for themselves and exasperation for poor chicken. First, we jump up and down. Chicken is quick to overrule that idea.

Well if you can't jump, why not think of 'more fun'. Are you ready....?

Dancing seems like a good idea, and it isn't jumping. Chicken is so not thrilled.

And on it goes...I can't wait to get reading this one...and watching the little ones take part in a lesson on movement and mayhem. Then, when they have had all the exercise they could possibly need, they can  take to the sofa for its real lot in life...a nap!!!

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