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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Must Have Bobo! Written by Eileen Rosenthal and illustrated by Marc Rosethal. Atheneum, Simon & Schuster, 2011. $17.99 ages 2 and up

"When Willy woke up,
there was trouble.
Oh no!
Where's Bobo?"

It doesn't take long for a little one to notice that a favored toy, or stuffed animal, is nowhere in sight. So, when Willy wakes up and cannot immediately spy his much-loved sock monkey Bobo, he turns into a seasoned detective and follows all clues to track him down.

Bobo has always been his rock when in need of comfort, and Willy remembers their many soothing times together. It doesn't take long before Willy discovers the culprit. Earl, the house cat, seems particularly enamored with the soft, lanky monkey. Taking Bobo back is not the end of the story.

Both are persistent in their quest to keep company with the amenable stuffed toy. Back and forth he goes as first Willy, then Earl take possession. Young children will totally get this delightful story...even my newest granddog would understand. Isn't it amazing that the only desperately needed toy is the one that is in the hands (well, paws) of the other?

Marc Rosenthal does a masterful job of keeping us firmly in the world of the young child. The struggle for ownership is the most relevant one and young listeners will be totally focused on that. He uses cream colored backgrounds, a soft palette, and fully recognizable facial expressions to complement the telling. Creased forehead frowns, anxious open-mouthed horror, and inquisitive wonder fill the pages as Willy and Earl vie for possession. Bobo, on the other hand, could care less.

If you've been in the company of preschoolers you will recognize the true-to-life struggle that fills this book's pages. The search will not end until the lost is found! Where Bobo is found is pure genius, and Willy is content to be reunited.

Earl does not share that sentiment!

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