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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fruit Cake, by Robert Tainsh. Priddy Books, 2011. $14.99 ages 3 and up

From the back cover:
"An entertaining and
innovative book that
uses clever pop-ups,
fun flaps, surprises and
more to spark an interest
in language..."

It is for all ages! Who doesn't love pulling tabs, opening flaps and seeing what the imaginative mind can create for our total enjoyment and learning pleasure?

The front cover gives us a hint at what will unfold as we page through the book we have in our hands. A tab pulled sideways adds candles to a crisp, red apple and gives us a visual image for a 'fruit cake'. The fun is only beginning. Two ripe cherries with a tiny flap on the 'e' give us 'cherry pie'. I didn't notice the flap on the first reading and have to admit that I wondered 'what the what?'

The English language can be so problematic, and a bunch of fun. Here's visual proof of that! The colors are vivid, the interactive nature of the book appealing to all, and a good deal of new learning is done while sharing it.  Some pages slide open, some fold...all offer a new celebration.

When you have read it once, and then again, and likely again...the back inside cover provides a glossary for each of its pages and provides answers to questions that might arise while exploring the fun that language can inspire.

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