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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dot, by Patricia Intriago. Farrar Strauss Giroux, Douglas & McIntyre. 2011. $16.50 ages 2 and up

"Stop dot
Go dot

Slow dot
Fast dot

Up and down dots
bounce around"

Truthfully, how would you illustrate the preceding words? I am absolutely convinced that, not in a hundred years of waiting around for inspiration, would I ever devise a plan to display these dots as wittily as the artist has!

Perhaps I used a too familiar quote to begin this post. As the pages are turned the images definitely become more intriguing. Ever stop to consider what an expressive, malleable entity a dot can be?

There is a lot of white space to give young readers a focus for their thinking as they explore the many ways that dots have purpose. Mostly created in black and white, there are added bits of color to fully stimulate creative thinking.  It would be very interesting to see the results when young artists are given free rein to let their imaginations run wild, and to see what transpires while considering the lowly dot. As a concept book, it will introduce our youngest readers to words that are opposites and provide a visual understanding of their differences.

I think it would be a readaloud hoot to share this book at the same time that you share Herve Tullet's Press Here (Chronicle, 2011) and Craig Frazier's Lots of Dots (Chronicle, 2010).

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