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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dinosaur vs. The Library, written and illustrated by Bob Shea. Disney Hyperion, 2011. $17.50 ages 2 and up

"Dinosaur versus...

a cow!

moo. moo. moo.


I hope that you have met Dinosaur in one of his earlier lives...if you haven't, you have a treat in store and your kids will love him! He is full of spunk and energy, and a whole lot of confidence. Nothing seems to faze him....he just makes his merry way in life, roaring and entertaining.

In this third attempt to intimidate everything is his path, he's on his way to the's one of the best places to be! He wants his friends to join him. First, he must prove to a cow that he is louder, prouder and in charge. On he goes to convince his baby chick friends. Yes, they join his parade. They are roaring to their hearts' content!

On they go, chicks following suit and scaring a shy turtle right off his log and out of his safety zone. He adds to the parade of  'roarers'. Dinosaur is always in charge and a clear winner. Will the library defeat him? Will he roar where no dinosaur has roared before? Yes, he will.

He is convinced to use his inside roar...and all is well. And then, it's story time! How will he do it...can he contain his roar while the story is  read? I wonder. Who will win?

Bob Shea does! And so do the young listeners who help Dinosaur make his point. What fun!

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