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Friday, September 16, 2011

Zoe and Beans. Where is Binky Boo? Written and illustrated Chloe and Mick Inkpen. Macmillan, Harper. 2011. $9.99 ages 2 and up

"Beans didn't like the new Molly. He wouldn't lick her, or chew her, or slobber on her. He wouldn't have anything to do with her. Where is Binky Boo? he thought."

Beans has Binky Boo and Zoe has Molly. But, when Beans loses Binky Boo, he becomes quite attached to Molly and that causes some heartache.

Beans forgoes all other pursuits in his sadness at losing his special stuffed toy, a mangy old critter who looks much the worse for wear. He won't fetch, or chase, or accept a bone. He is not interested in anything that Binky Boo is gone, Molly is the object of his affection. This is disconcerting for Zoe because once fetched, Bones refuses to return Molly, the wide-eyed, polka-dot pajamas doll. Poor Zoe!

Bones takes Molly to meet his friends and she comes home smelling...well, awful! A hot wash in an abundance of soap should do the trick. Now, Molly has no appeal for Bones! He no longer likes her. The problem is not yet Binky Boo.

A spirited throw by Zoe lands Molly in the sandbox. It is a fortuitous toss!

There is lots of humor in the watercolor illustrations created for this likable and familiar story for little ones. The colors are bright, the action is fierce and the expressive characters impress. Kids will love it and will look forward to the next adventure. 

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