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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fox and Hen Together, by Beatrice Rodriguez. Enchanted Lion Books, 2011. $17.95 ages 4 and up

What? Another book without words...thus, no real introduction to this second book about Fox and Hen by the very talented Beatrice Rodriguez.

It all started with The Chicken Thief and the surprise that ended that story.  As we begin, we see that Hen has laid an egg, and is coddling it. Fox checks the fridge only to find nothing to eat! It seems it is Hen's job to get out there to 'hunt and gather'. Fox is the caregiver, charged with watching that egg (Hmm...seems suspect to allow a Fox to protect an egg, doesn't it?)

Soon,  Hen and Crab are off, fishing pole in hand and food on her mind. In no time at all, she lands a big one. Well, not quite! Just as she hauls it out of the water, an eagle swoops in for a quick meal. Hen refuses to relinquish dinner and she and Crab are soon seen water skiing behind a disgruntled Eagle. When a tall mountain comes into view, we begin to understand their destination.

Dropped atop the aerie, fish in hand and three hungry mouths to feed, Hen faces a dilemma. With no other option obvious she drops into the sea, safe and with fish in tow. Not so safe it seems. There is another obstacle to face...and face it she does with persistence and courage...oh, and great humor.  A safe shore landing has the two friends heading home with great joy, and without supper.

I will leave it to you to check out the last two double page spreads! Life is not good; oh and then, GOOD!

A wonderful adventure, rife with bright colors and emotion as the story twists and turns its way from one predicament to the next. And guess what? We can expect chapter three later in the year, to be named Rooster's Revenge. I can't wait to see it!

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