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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Looking Closely through THE FOREST, by Frank Serafini. Kids Can Press, 2008. $16.95 ages 5 and up

"Early in the morning, when the weather is damp and cold, look closely at the forest floor. You might see ice crystals, called frost, gathered along the tiny hairs of a leaf."

I have mentioned Frank Serafini's work prior to this post. He does with his nonfiction exactly what young readers want in their information books. He helps them learn new 'stuff' while interacting with the text.

It is a guessing game, and about a habitat that may be quite familiar to those who read it. The forest is replete with incredible things. We only have to open our eyes, our ears, our hearts, our noses, and our hands to what it houses. The author uses peek-a-boo pages with well-chosen language to have young readers guessing about what they might see when they turn the page.

"Look very closely.
What do you see?

Lizard tongues?
Flickering flames?
What could it be?"

He encourages each one of us to take a close look at what we see around the forest, at the pond,  on the shore, in the garden, or even in the rainforest if we are lucky enough to pay a visit. This series of books from Kids Can Press gives young readers a chance to see what the world looks like through the camera's lens.

By zooming in on one small part of that photograph he encourages his audience to think seriously about what they might experience when visiting this particular habitat...the forest. The photographs are brilliantly colored, clear and indicative of what finds life here. Some things will be very familiar, while others may not be. The descriptive paragraphs that face the detailed artwork give just the right amount of information, making this a book that might lead young scientists to look further in their research concerning the forest.

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