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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let's Count to 100! Written and illustrated by Masayuki Sebe. Kids Can, 2011. $16.95 ages 3 and up

"There are 100 moles.
How many are snuggled
up with a frog?

You stink!
Ahh! I feel much better."

Here's another counting book that is filled with energy and visual delights for young readers. Every double page spread contains 100 like objects, from mice, to people, to cats, sheep and birds. They are colorful, and grouped in tens to help young readers begin to see patterns in their mathematics. As well as the fun of discovering the joy in such large numbers, the author also offers an interactive element..."There are 100 birds. Are there enough berries for everyone?"

As children track the groups on each page, there are also conversations and comments to note..."Who's a good chick? Cheep! Cheep!" As their hands and eyes take in all of the action, they are thoroughly entertained. Who knew counting to 100 eleven times, and then once more, could be so much fun!

There is so much to see. This book will keep kids coming back again and again to make sure nothing was forgotten. It also provides a lesson in color, and might encourage counting by 10s once the grouping is recognized. The images are simple, but they have character and expression. Each full color spread is filled with small details and the patient and observant child will be afforded pleasure in checking for the little surprises that lead them from one frame through to the next.

Hide and seek books delight our youngest readers and provide opportunities for lots of discussion, and for counting practice in a most enjoyable format. This book will be favored by many.

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