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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cookiebot, written by Katie Van Camp and illustrated by Lincoln Agnew. Balzer + Bray, Harper. 2011.$17.99 ages 4 and up

"There was only one problem. For some reason, Mom had placed the cookie jar way up high, too high for Harry to reach. But as always, Horsie knew exactly what to do."

Even the most imaginative friends, who are content to play for hours designing and building block cities, will occasionally hear a tummy rumble. When that happens for Harry and Horsie, the only snack that will satisfy the hunger are cookies. Rats! The cookie jar is well beyond Harry's reach. What's a little boy to do?

Well, as I said, there is no lack of imagination here. Horsie knows precisely what must be done, and Harry sets about building:

"So Harry found his toolbox and got to work.
Once the sprockets were secure
and the speed control was set, Harry's invention
was finally finished."

Ta Da!!! Cookiebot!

Lincoln Agnew's vertical double page spread is just what young readers need to see the enormity of the 'bot' and to be awed by it. Adventures await...once Cookiebot has a taste for his main food staple, chaos ensues. He's out of control! Harry is aboard for the ride, leaving Horsie far behind them. It doesn't take long for the little boy to remember that, while CB has an 'on' switch, there is no way to shut him off. It is sure to lead to catastrophe unless Horsie knows what to do for the second time.

Taking a page from King Kong, Cookiebot is willing to widen his search and climbs up a tall, tall building to the Empire Sweets Cafe, there to assuage his hunger. Wait, what's that he hears??

Once again, I love the graphic feel of the homage to the pop art style. The colors are bold, the perspectives ever-changing and the pages are filled with adventurous action. This book leaves fans eager to see their third tale. 

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