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Friday, August 12, 2011

Catch That Baby! Written by Nancy Coffelt and illustrated by Scott Nash. Simon & Schuster, 2011. $19.99 ages 3 and up

"Time to get dressed now.
No dressed!
Come back here you naked

Mom runs fast but...."

I LOVE toddlers...they have such spunk and perseverance, and they aren't mine! I can hear Nudie Rudy giggling all the way through this book. You know how two-year olds love to be chased, and to think that they are getting away with something quite naughty.
Before we even read the title page, we have a bit of an idea for the trouble brewing. Mom is chasing an engaging smiling boy, bent on freedom. Once caught and undressed, she hugs him up and carries him to the tub where he succumbs to a quick and soapy wash, playtime with his toy boat and a cuddly drying off. However, when it comes to getting dressed again, Rudy has a very different idea....'No dressed.'

The race is on. Mom calls him back, but he is ready for a 'Rudy Rumpus'. Soon Mom and Brother, who has been reading, Dad, who is getting supper ready, Sister, who has been working at the computer, and the dog are on his trail. Everyone is smiling and enjoying the chase, especially Rudy who face is filled with great delight!

As they reach the back of the house where Grandma and Grandpa are potting plants, Rudy is ready for even more excitement. He finds a vine perfect for swinging and is soon out of reach. A game of hide-and-seek ensues. Everyone plays the part of determined searcher...looking on the floor, in the pantry, under the table. Rudy is gone, or is he???

The final image is a bundle of fun...a charming transformation from Nudie Rudy to Cutie Rudy!

Giggles of delight will follow Rudy's bare butt as he manages to evade all capture. The entire family is going to love this book, and will likely follow it up with tales of similar chases.

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