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Saturday, July 30, 2011

the Ring Went Zing! Written by Sean Taylor and illustrated by Jill Barton. Dial, Penguin. 2010. $21.00 ages 3 and up

"But the frog was so jumpy with excitement, and the chicken was so woozled with love...that they dropped the ring. The frog went hopping after, The chicken followed
on the tips of her double-quick toes. And the ring skipped away. (But don't worry - the story will end with a kiss.)

We know before we open its pages that this is 'a story that ends with a kiss'. Throughout its delightfully charming pages, we are oft reminded of that promise.

It begins when a chicken and a frog fall in love. It hasn't happened before, and is not likely to ever happen again. But, there you are! The frog is not rich. Wanting to provide evidence of his love, he offers a ring...a golden ring. It is dropped in all the excitement it garners. While there is worry about what might happen to the ring, we are assured that the story will end as promised.

The swam can't stop the ring's journey. She offers a broad back for transportation. A rabbit's help is sought but the ring flips away. Will his skateboard provide the speed needed? A tricycle riding goat, a motorcycle mutt...nothing works to stop the ring's escape!

It finally comes to rest:

"On it bounced to the town square.
Then up it twisted...down it dropped...
up it flicked...and down it plopped -
into a spouting fountain."

A whole new dilemma which requires a feat of daring...and a hilarious result for those involved. It's worthy of a celebration and a surprise ending. For sure, it's a kiss!

 The energetic watercolor illustrations are bursting with action, expression and enthusiasm. Young listeners will love following the ring's journey as it gleefully bounces from one animal to the next, and finally comes to rest on the place it was meant to be!

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