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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monday is One Day, written by Arthur A. Levine and illustrated by Julian Hector. Scholastic, 2011. $19.99 ages 3 and up

"The hardest part of going
to work is being apart from

Let's count the days until we're
both at home with a special
thing to do."

Time seems to go so slowly when parents return to a busy work week. Our kids look forward to the days together at the end of the week when everyone gets a chance to rest and relax. As they wait for each day of the week to pass, the author provides a daily activity to share. If you like blue shoes, Tuesday's your day! If you like to help choose Dad's tie, then you'll have to wait until Friday. So long as you are patient, the weekend will arrive with its promise of family outings and fun.

It's a straightforward, simple story but it is sure to help children deal with each day that parents are off working; and soon it's Saturday....let the fun begin!

By giving each day its due, Arhtur Levine helps families deal with being apart. It means kids have something special to look forward to on each of those days, and may lead them to think of other things that would make it worthwhile. So, Monday could be one cuddle and a kiss. Or whatever the family dreams up together. It's a great jumping-off point.

There is variety in the families and environments that Julian Hector creates for us. His bold use of color, line and texture are sure to encourage observation and conversation. There is warmth and anticipation in the detailed artwork that accompanies the simple text. I like the assumption that all families pictured spend quality time thinking of what they will do together, not so much about how busy they all are. Weekends are meant for family adventure....that's all a child really wants and needs.

The final thought is very special:

"Monday through Sunday,
the whole week through,
each day I count the ways
I love to be with you!"

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