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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Name That Dog, written by Peggy Archer and illustrated by Stephanie Buscema. Penguin, 2010. $21.00 ages 3 and up


Tags for his house number.       
Tags for his phone.
Shot tags.
Name tags
shaped like a bone.
Tags for his dog license,
one every year.
Jingle! Jangle!
Dog tags
tell you when he's near."   
The poem featured above is about a bulldog and you know I have a special love for that breed, as my granddog Percy is one! It's a most interesting premise for an alphabet book and sure to find fans among dog lovers. The author presents us with a gallery of  'perky puppies/peppy puppies -/none of them the same'.

She offers up a host of names that new owners might find fitting for their new family member. Beginning with Aspen and venturing all the way through Zipper, she matches personality with breed in making that choice. Each is unique, as are the poems that introduce the breed and its chosen name. The energetic, brightly colored illustrations match the tone of the poems, offering humor and attention to detail and expression.

An opening poem gives an overall feeling for the many types of puppies to be found out there; while the closing one gives credence to whatever inspired the name choice, suggesting that the name chosen is sure to be 'just right'. In between you may meet your perfect puppy...then, you'll need a name. Check back here for help in making that choice! This one is my favorite:


My dog is just a puppy
But he's grown quite big so far.
He's bigger than his doghouse
And he won't fit in the car!

His teeth are big and pointy.
He has humongous feet.
His tongue is long and sloppy.
His tail can sweep the street.

Beef stew and juicy soup bones
Are foods he likes the best.
I have the perfect name for him -
Tyrannosaurus REX."

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