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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Did That Get in My Lunchbox, written by Chris Butterworth and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti. Candlewick, Random House, 2011. $15.00 ages 5 and up

"One of the best parts of
the day is when you lift
the lid of your lunchbox
to see what's inside. Your
parents have packed it with
lots of tasty things to eat.
They probably got all the
food from a grocery store
- but food doesn't grow in

Having said that, Chris Butterworth goes on to explain exactly where that food originates. As classmates eagerly anticipate what they are likely to find in their lunchbox, we prepare ourselves for some very informed answers in this 'story of food'.
He starts with the bread that holds the assorted fillings that children might find when they open their lunchbox at noon. He presents us with a chain of events that leads from the farmer planting the grain that will be harvested, ground, baked and bought for a hearty lunch. He doesn't stop there....he goes on to do the same for cheese, tomatoes, apple juice, carrots, and even the chocolate chip cookie and clementine that are the perfect finish to a nourishing meal away from home.

The steps are numbered for ease of reading. The text is uncomplicated while providing for a clear understanding. The illustrations are brightly colored and detailed, giving young readers context for new information. When the lunchbox is empty, munchers are assured that everything they put in their body will help them grow stronger, taller and more energetic. That's what good food does for us!

Never faltering in providing encouragement,  Chris Butterworth finishes with a two page spread that shows all those foods that should be included in our daily diet and how much space they should take on our plate. Each is important to good health and optimal growth. Following that, he adds some 'food facts':

"It's good to eat five different fruits and vegetables every day. Why not try a new one this week?"

An index takes the reader back to check facts provided, and lunch is over! 

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