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Friday, May 27, 2011

Wellington's Rainy Day, written by Carolyn Beck and illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan. Orca Book Publishers, 2011. $19.95 ages 5 and up

"Wellington gobbled. Wellington swobbled. Wellington ate and ate. Every last gorgeous, every last worgeous, every last squorgeous bite. Then he lick-lick-licked the pan for the memory, the m-m-marvelous memory. M-m-meatloaf."

Welly, well, well! Here's a dog bent on destruction, I think!

He is not in a happy place; the fire has gone out and his back is cold, the smell of fresh meatloaf hangs in the air, the cantankerous house cat has swiped his nose AGAIN and it's raining. He hates walking in the rain!

As his master sleeps, Wellington becomes bored. Turning his attention to the meatloaf seems the solution to his state of ennui. Now, what to do with the empty pan? Ah, Honey's litterbox is close and convenient. It provides the perfect hiding spot for the evidence. As happens with me on occasion, once food is tasted, it always leads to MORE. The garbage offers sensational smells and untold treats. Once he has eaten his fill, Honey approaches.

Honey loves nothing more than to get Wellington in trouble with Master. She has a load of ammunition aimed strraight at the fully sated dog. She delights in causing him concern. The threat of a dreaded bath has Welly's tummy rumbling and soon:

"Wellington heaved., Wellington HURLED.
He upchucked. He barfed. He spewed."


Even Honey is caught in the crossfire. With good common sense, Welly quickly cleans up the kitchen (you don't want to know how!), just in time to accept Master Horace's invitation for a timely walk. The Master is pleased with their time together and promises warmth and a special treat when they get back home. A touch of apprehension surfaces. What will happen when the Master notices the meatloaf is missing?

Not to worry...all is well! There is a certain poetic justice in the discovery made!

And I haven't even mentioned the droll and most expressive artwork! They add  to the 'flavor' of the book by giving us a clear picture of the characters, and their antics.

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