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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Doodledum Dancing, written by Meredith Costain and illustrated by Pamela Allen. Penguin, 2006. $14.00 ages 3 and up

"Our new puppy is
A wriggler
A widdler
A diggy-doggy diddler
A muddler
A puddler
But most of all -
A cuddler!"

Kids and adults who share this rousing collection will be stomping with dinosaurs, singing sea shanties with pirates and even biking along on a bicycle track.  You might even consider giggling, and snuggling and doodledum dancing:

"I'm posing, I'm prancing
I'm doodledum dancing
Clip-clapping my hands
As I'm humming along.

I'm bouncing, I'm bolting
I'm sim - somersaulting
Wig-wagging my fingers
And stamping my feet."
There are eighteen poems in the collection and they move along at a pace that will have everyone wanting to be in on the fun. The language is cleverly chosen, the rhythms are addictive and some even cause your tongue to twist a bit. The illustrations add to the delight with humorous images of all active participants. They are rich in color and expression and will add to the giggles shared.

I'm sure that everyone has experienced a certain type of shower monster, as is so aptly described here:

"There's a monster in our shower
It's cunning, sly and bold
It reached up high and turned the tap
And made the water cold."

Enjoy...and then enjoy again!

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