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Sunday, April 3, 2011

SNOW, you say!

Well, waking up in Manitoba
this Sunday morning in
April was a bit of an, albeit
beautiful, SURPRISE!
If my kids still lived at home,
we would be scouring the
bookshelves right now to
find these wonderful books to share today.

Peter makes a snow angel, a snowman and he even pretends to be a mountain climber. Then, he makes tracks. But, how does he do that? Then, what happens when he takes his snowball inside at home?

Two young children cannot escape the delights of a snowfall. They are fascinated by the flakes aas they begin to cover the ground and every visible thing. They cannot ignore the pull to be outside, so they suit up and off they go! The snow crunches, blows, offers comfort for making snow angelsand sparkles in the moonlight!

A gray European town is barely noticed against the gray sky. The villagers are doing what they do as the day progresses. Then, a snowflake falls. The boy and his dog notice while others do not. Only one? The boy and his dog don't mind. Soon, they get what they were wishing for; luckily, they are no the only ones enamored of the weather change.

Get out your 'good stuff in a sack' and see what you can do with found materials and imagination when the snow flies and there's not much to do. Lois Ehlert creates an admirable snow family and provides a compendium of useful information and photos...and a recipe for popcorn balls!

A girl and her father go owling on a moonlit winter night near the farm where they live. They are bundled up against the cold and trudge through newfallen snow which hides a myriad of animals who observe them as they pass. Pa calls to the Great Horned Owl. No answer. Then, he tries his call again.

A little boy wakes up on a morning just like this and tells his mom he's going outside. Off he goes to build the snowman of his dreams. When he can't sleep that night, he opens the front door to discover his snowman has come to life and is ready for adventure. There are no words...there is no need.

Inspired....and inspiring!

It's Sam's first snowfall, and he's full of questions. Where do snowmen sleep? How many snowflakes in a snowball? Do birds get goosebumps? Older and bolder, his big sister Stella has all the answers and she delights in showing him the pleasures of a brilliant winter's day.

This lovely award-winning book celebrates one man's enduring love for snowflakes. Wilson Bentley was born in Vermont where snow is frequent (maybe it's snowing there today, too). His parents supported his passion and used their savings to buy him a camera and a microscope. He used both to help inform others.
Millions of snowflakes drifted down. Everything was covered in a deep blanket of snow. Would it be deep enough? Would school be closed? There's nothing like a snow day! It's an unexpected gift of a day free for snow forts and sliding, hockey and hot chocolate. It's magic for everyone!

Maybe not in April, as spring break ends and the final school term is set to start.

Snow has been falling all night, and when a small rabbit awakens, he learns that school is closed, his mother can't go to the store, and his father's flight home has been cancelled. He is solemn, but safe and sound in his apartment. Readers will see and understand his feelings. Then, when the snow stops (even though it is bedtime), his mother surprises him!

Wish us luck for tomorrow....sunny skies and warm temperatures! No snow day!

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