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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Broke My Trunk, written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion, 2011. $9.99 ages 3 and up

"But, a hippo on your
trunk is heavy.

Is that how you broke
your trunk?


There is more to my

Should I ever doubt that Mo Willems can keep coming up with hilarious dialogue between two of my favorite characters for little ones learning to read, just hand me his next book! Oh my, he does have the touch!

When Gerald shows up with a bandage on his truck, Piggie is concerned and curious. When asked how it happened Gerald warns that it is a 'long and crazy story'. Piggie is more than ready to hear it. And so, Gerald begins. He and Hippo were playing when Gerald decided that he wanted to lift Hippo onto his trunk. Why, you ask. Um...because? Have you heard that one?

As the story progresses, so does the hilarity. With each new addition to the tale of the trunk, Piggie is sure that she now knows the cause of the broken appendage. Not so...

Oh boy, I can't wait to read this in classrooms and with teachers. Loved by all, and frequently requested for repeated readings, I never tire of sharing these cracking good books with anyone who wants to listen. It's such fun to create the voices, the expressive responses, and the downright awesome humor found in each one. Do I have a favorite? I have asked myself many times. I just can't pick one over the other, and eagerly anticipate a new one. Mo Willems does not disappoint!

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