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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Song, written by James Guthrie and illustrated by Eric Rohmann. Roaring Brook, H B Fenn, 2010. $12.99 ages birth and up

"To the sun
Who has shone
All day,"

What a beautiful song sung to the brilliance of the day and night for a family of squirrels who cavort in both sunshine and moonshine and who whisper a quiet goodnight to the stars that brightly light the nighttime sky! Thirty words only are needed to help Eric Rohmann brilliantly envision the beauty of the family, their enjoyment of each other and their deep respect and admiration for their natural world.

It is a lovely lullaby; and this impressive artist has created from it a short picture book that will be admired by many. The die-cut cover that reveals a slumbering, peaceful family of squirrels is the perfect invitation to come on in and see what the book has to offer. It is a perfect size for our youngest listeners to hold, to love, and to read, or hear, repeatedly.

The squirrel children are inquisitive and rambunctious, eager to frolic in the wide expanse of flower-filled meadow. Mom welcomes them back as night falls and they together bask in the beauty of a star-filled sky, before returning to their cozy nest and a well-earned night's rest.  A peaceful beginning to the day is mirrored in the final frame of this beautiful bedtime book.

Looking for a special book for a new baby? You found it!  Bravo!

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