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Saturday, January 1, 2011

the cow love cookies, written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Marcellus Hall. Simon & Schuster, 2010. $21.99 ages 3 and up

"The farmer feeds the geese each morn.
He always gives them sweet, cracked corn.
They honk for joy and flap their wings.
They love the corn that Farmer brings.
Hay for horses, yes indeed.
Give those chickens chicken feed.
Corn for geese, they love it so.
But, when it comes to cows, we know...
that the cow loves cookies!"
Can you feel your toes tapping in time to the rhythm of the well chosen words? It makes me want to get out there and read it aloud to someone...anyone! Oh, I guess I will just read it to myself again and again.
The farmer is a good one, happy to be taking care of his barnyard and the animals that live in it. He takes time each day to feed them the food they need to be healthy and strong and to wonder at their shenanigans. The cow has a special diet and is not interested in any food that the other animals eat. So, we watch curiously as she wanders off after the farmer to a designated picnic stop where the two 'sit down to munch'.
It seems they do the same thing every day.
He provides the cookies, she provides the milk. Could it be any better? 
Turns out:
"Yum," says Farmer.
Cow says, "Mooo."
Cow is happy. 
Farmer too.
They both LOVE
milk and cookies!"
But the duck???

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