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Monday, January 24, 2011

Animals and me, Marie Greenwood. DK Publishing, Touramaline Editions. 2010. $14.99 ages 3 and up

"It is our brain power above
all else that sets us apart from
other animals. However, many
other animals show signs of
intelligence that are unique to

I am always so thankful to Chris Houston for the wonderful books sent to me from DK Publishing. Kids love them, and I do, too. In this book, children will learn about the human body while comparing it to the bodies of others in the animal kingdom.

With each new topic, starting with shaping up and ending with record holders, they are encouraged to look carefully at a certain function of the body. Feet are compared prior to a discussion about what they are used for, in both people and animals. Movement, the brain, the eyes, ears, touch...they are all here to be considered and compared.

As is usual in their engaging nonfiction, the pages are filled with bright and ahhh-inspiring photos that offer visual connections for the target audience and always encouragement to find out more. A koala snuggles in the limb of a tree, needing a nap to digest the food it eats in the four hours it is awake daily. A mother crocodile carries its baby in its 'toothy' jaws without harm, or terror. The strongest adult male ostrich cares for several families of young ostriches.

Kids will pore over the pictures, feeding their need to learn as much as they can about the animals they so love.

A photo-laden glossary and an index will be much appreciated.

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