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Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Snowing! Written and illustrated by Olivier Dunrea. Square Fish, H B Fenn. 2002. $8.99 ages

"Mama scrunches into her coat.
She ties a long long scarf
around her neck.
She pulls on thick warm mittens.
Mama scoops up Baby
and trundles out the door."

Kids don't need to know what scrunches or trundles mean to understand exactly what is happening; but, what beautiful words to add to their listening. Just as Baby hears the snow while holding his breath and is delighted by its beauty, young listeners will hear this story and know the joy that Mama and Baby feel while they frolic in new snow.

The setting is perfect for the winter song shared as Mama partakes of the beauty of the first snowfall with her young one. The earth tone illustrations honor the northern environs and the snow-covered landscapes convey the true glory of the season. As they bundle up and head for the scenes that await them, Mama encourages her youngster to take in the smells, sounds, sights and other joys of the cold, cold night.

She builds a snow troll, sleds down a snow-covered hill and rides an ice bear. Following their adventure, Baby is filled with delight and sporting a very red nose, which encourages a return home, a much-needed nap and a hot drink by the fire for the heart-gladdened parent.

The goucahe paintings clearly evoke the transformative power of the season...covering every visible landform with the soft beauty of shimmering snowflakes. You can almost smell, feel, touch, and taste it yourself as you share this lovely story.

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