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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catching Time, written by Rachna Gilmore and illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2010. $19.95 ages 5 and up

"Mom and Dad grin. I pull them to the
swirliest, snakiest, scariest, curliest slide.
We climb to the very top.
One-two-three - go!
We fly down, twisting and twirling,
shrieking and laughing."

Is this story true for most kids these days? As we hustle and bustle through life, do we forget what's most important? Have we even decided what that is? Is it because I am old enough to be a grandparent, have retired from the job that I loved for many years that make me notice these things, or is it just a habit that we have all fallen into in this fast-paced, hurry-up world? Is it true we have NO time, NO choices, NO alternatives to the life we are living?

Poor Sara! All she wants is time with Mom and Dad and they can't find it. It's Saturday and Mom is busy with the laundry basket, the vacuum cleaner and her computer.  Dad is washing dishes, cleaning the car, and doing the weekly shopping. Sara thinks it must be up to her to catch time with a butterfly net and a jar. She tries and fails miserably, no matter how many times she tries to capture it. In desperation, she demands a STOP! It shocks her parents, but has the desired effect. In the stillness of that moment, she is able to grab some time, and it is all hers.

Off they go to the park, where they share Sara's time with fun and laughter. It is perfection!

It could be preachy, but I didn't find it so. It does remind us that only a few things in life are really important. And, there is always TIME! It is our most precious gift to family and friends.

The lively, yet poignant, illustrations serve to remind that life is an adventure for our children. Sara's search is both joyous and frustrating. We are always aware of the way she is feeling about it by just looking at her face. All the images created to portray time will 'up' the talk as the book is shared.

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