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Saturday, November 20, 2010

All Access, Sports Illustrated Kids. H B Fenn, 2010. $21.95 all ages

"When Grant Hill was a kid, he never ate
fruits or vegetables, and he'd drink soda on
a daily basis. Even 10 years ago, a photo of
his fridge would have revealed a lot of junk
food. But the basketball star has grown to
realize the importance of eating healthy - and
he has even learned to enjoy it."

I thought my hands were big! And then, I measured one against the actual size hand of Shaquille O'Neal. So I was feeling pretty smug knowing that my hand was dwarfed by his, until I turned the page and measured that same hand against Shawn Johnson's hand....right back to the opening statement in quick time. Mine looked like Shaq's, compared to hers. There is no wonder that Shaq can palm a ball! Shawn's hands are as compact as she is, and obviously strong and sure.

If the all access tickets on the cover can't convince a young sports enthusiast to peruse this book, the opening pages, with their acetate lift-and-look insert, are sure to catch their interest. I love actual size photos...they give a true perspective and really open our eyes!

On we go to learn more about the athletes, the places they work and play, and the gear they wear. These behind-the-scenes photos and the information shared will be of interest to anyone keen on sports. If you really want to see what it's like behind the famous Green Monster in Boston, or how the Staples Center can transform from hockey rink to basketball court in four short hours, you'll need this book.

Sports Illustrated Kids provides an up-close and personal look at some pretty famous faces, at the venues that host popular sporting events and the most amazing equipment designed for use in a wide variety of sports, including:

"Derek Jeter uses a black bat with his signature stamped on. Once the paint has dried, it's ready to be shipped to Yankee Stadium. An everyday player like Jeter will go through about 100 bats each season. Jeter's custom-made lumber has helped him get almost 3,000 hits in is career."

Are you looking for a great gift as time winds down, and Christmas nears? Do you have a sports fan on your list? If you do, you can't go wrong by putting this wonderful book under the tree. It is sure to grab the attention as a lucky recipient pores over the photo-filled pages and shares the wealth of information provided.

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