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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scaredy-Cat, Splat! Written and illustrated by Rob Scotton. Harper, 2010. $18.99 ages 4 and up

"Splat's mom caught the spider under a glass jar.
Splat looked closely at the spider. It didn't look
so scary now that it was trapped.
"Can I take the spider to school for Halloween?"
asked Splat."

Splat does not exhibit typical tendencies for a black cat at Halloween. We are supposed to be scared of them, right? He doesn't like spiders and he doesn't mind letting 'the cat out of the bag' about it. When his mother captures one, Splat is much calmer and oh, so brave. He wants to take it to the school celebration. He also wants to be the scariest cat at the party. He is determined, until he meets his friends on their way to school. They are unimpressed; and in turn, Spike and Plank almost scare Splat out of his paper-filled sock spider legs. He is crestfallen and now sure that he won't win the prize he so badly wants.

The friends continue on their way. Upon arrival, they show the jack-o-lanterns they have carved. Splat's has no scare in it, just laughs. The teacher's ghost story is just right for scaring everyone out of their seats...Splat is an accident waiting to happen. When his lighted lantern lands on his head, Splat serves up scary sounds and actions that win him the coveted prize. Ah, sweet success!

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