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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Piggy Pie Po, written and illustrated by Audrey and Don Wood. Harcourt, Thomas Allen. 2010. $21.50 ages 3 and up

"If he wears his working shirt,
he'll be digging in the dirt.
But when he's ready for the tub,
to splish and splash and rub-a-dub,
Piggy Pie Po wears no clothes...

only bubbles, head to toes."

Imagine the delight and the guffaws as Piggy Pie Po struts off to bathe the dirt away in a relaxing, bubble-filled tub! I have always loved and shared the glorious work of Don and Audrey Wood. Their books have long been favorites of my children when they were young, of my school kids when I was reading picture books daily and perhaps someday, my grandchildren! I just put a new issue of The Napping House in a pile that might someday belong to them. It will certainly be enjoyed and loved by someone.

So, I am happy to tell you about their new book. It is a special occasion when we can celebrate another one from this team. This adventure will be quickly picked as a favorite by the young, who will chant along with the rhyming couplets in no time at all. It is told in three short chapters and introduces us to the guy who is 'the show'! He's big, boisterous and brawny! And, we like him. He wears a huge and happy smile (well, most of the time) and is willing to try almost anything. In the first chapter, he is off on one fascinating foray after a party, to swim in the sea, to sail on the ocean, to work until he is filthy and needs to clean himself up. In the second, he shows how smart he is and the many things that he can do independently. In the final chapter, he finds his real! There is nothing that he will not try...and it turns out to be his downfall. Kids will love the surprise at the end, and are likely to beg for a second helping.

Predictable rhyme, full-colored and appealing artwork done by this husband-wife team bring Piggy to life as he prances happily through his days. He is talented, inquisitive, active and at times worthy of our sympathy. You know you are going to love him!

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