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Friday, October 8, 2010

Making the Moose Out of Life, written and illustrated by Nicholas Oldland. Kids Can, 2010. $16.95 ages 5 and up

"When it rained, his friends would go puddle
jumping. Not this moose. Too wet.
When the wind blew, his friends would go
kite flying. Not this moose. Too windy.
When it snowed, his friends would go
skiing. Not this moose. Too cold."

What's a moose to do when he doesn't like to indulge in the many activities that his friends seem to enjoy? As he watches them in each other's company doing the many things they love to do, he occasionally wonders if he is missing something. He tries hard to find the answer to his own question, but cannot.

One day, he just makes the decision to get out there and 'take life by the antlers'. That is the only way to change his life. As he comes to that momentous decision, he notices a sailboat, unmanned and sails flapping. It is all the incentive needed. Off he goes, straight into a full-blown storm!

He washes up on a deserted island, sharks scouring the surrounding sea and boat broken and beached. At any other time, he might have given up. But, decision made to make something of his life, he takes control and learns what he needs to know to survive. He finds fresh water, makes a fire, builds a shelter, discovers a  food source and meets a new friend. He and Tuesday become inseparable...making the best of the lot they are dealt. Life is good!

When a ship appears, Moose must make the difficult decision to return home, leaving Tuesday behind. They make plans to keep in contact and to meet again. We know his life will never be the same!

This is a great readaloud! Told in simple language with appealing cartoon-like illustrations, listeners will enjoy the lesson learned about finding your place in the world and living life with gusto!

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