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Friday, September 10, 2010

Going, Going, Gone! Written by Alan Katz and illustrated by David Catrow. Simon & Schuster Canada, Toronto. 2009. $19.99 hardcover ages 4 and up

On top of the bleachers,
that’s where we just sat.
Dad bought me a pennant,
a scorecard, and hat.”

He got me some peanuts,
a soda, and chips,
a ballplayer puppet
that swings as he flips.

Next I got a helmet,
a bat, and a glove,
a giant foam finger
the crowd doesn’t love.”

Alan Katz looks to sports for his next silly songs. You can just picture the ball game! Mouths agape at the the constant commotion, ardent fans pass you by with popcorn, pretzels and pop. Then, they follow it up with pennants, programs and puppets. Not to mention the twelve trips to the bathroom. Who has time to see the game? It is a never ending cacophony of sound and swirling eddy of movement. There is no stillness!

Alan Katz has created a series of books about chosen subjects from bedtime to manners, from Christmas to school, and now sports! You'll be singing for hours and kids will be begging for more. They are like the old camp songs that we used to sing, with a little more pizazz and funny, brightly colored accompanying illustrations. The tunes to be used are suggested and that makes for an easy transition for someone like me who has no musical training (or ability). They are quickly learned and you don't even mind making a fool of yourself as you share and learn them together. Perfect for performance assembly and sure to be a hit! You might even try taping them for a listening center.

There are 14 songs and they run the gamut of sports from baseball, fishing and ice skating to archery, soccer and bowling. Some information is added in sidebars and each has a surprise ending that is sure to elicit laughter and a pleading 'sing it again, please!'

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