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Friday, August 27, 2010

It's A Book! Written and illustrated by Lane Smith. Roaring Brook, H B Fenn. 2010. $15.99 ages 8 and up

"What do you have there?
It's a book.
How do you scroll down?
I don't.
I turn the page.
It's a book."

Oh boy, you know where we're going with this, don't you?

My daughter read this wondrous new book to me over the phone last week (she lives in Victoria and works in a book store) and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Then, thanks to Lisa Mior, Rita Silva and the great people at H B Fenn, I went to my mailbox and there it was...on the very day that Erin read it to me! So, I called her back and read it to her! We sometimes do those things. Then, I phoned Calgary and read it to my son. And I took it to a workshop the next morning and asked if I could read it to the people there. I love it and when you get a book you love, you just have to share it! So, here I am again...sharing it with you.

Lane Smith uses his artistic talent to give us rich characters and down home humor in this story of a jackass, a monkey and a mouse. While Monkey reads, Jackass (with laptop firmly clutched under his arm) has many questions. He obviously knows nothing about books, and cannot seem to understand the concept. When he asks about Monkey's mouse, Mouse pops out from under Monkey's hat. On we go with all the things that a book cannot do....text, tweet, Wi-Fi, or make noises. Monkey offers his book to Jackass so that he might discover its many features. Jackass is not impressed. And then, he starts reading and he is still reading 5 hours later!

Monkey would like his book back. Jackass does not acquiesce. Monkey is off to the library to find another book for himself. Jackass is reassuring:

"Don't worry, I'll charge it up when I'm done!"

Kids will love the naughtiness of the final line and respond with heartfelt hilarity and a plea for a repeat performance! Well deserved! If it doesn't suit your sensibility, please lighten up! It's priceless!

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