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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Book of Why, Time for Kids. H B Fenn, 2010. $23.95 ages 8 and up

"What was Mickey Mouse's original name?
In 1928, Walt Disney created a cartoon mouse he called Mortimer Mouse. Disney's wife didn't like the name Mortimer, so she renamed the character Mickey. Mickey Mouse made his movie debut in a cartoon called Steamboat Willie that same year."

Do you know any child who doesn't ask why, when, what, where and how all day long? If not for their curious nature, they would never gain all the knowledge that they seem to do in a very short time. This book will add hours of pleasure, information and new learning for you and for them as you share it together. It is perfect nonfiction, providing bits of information, great graphics, and the answers to questions you might not be able to answer! How great is that?

Nonfiction reading can be so much fun for all of us! Remember, it is what we mostly read...newspapers, instructions, lists, menus, charts, statistics. The list goes on. Our kids need experience with reading it, too. We all love learning new things and we learn about them in books such as this one. It has sections about animals, earth, space, humans, people and places, history, science, technology, art and culture and sports.

It is a book that you will turn to again and again, to sharpen your knowledge and to add to your kids' view of the world.

This one is for you, Jen!

"Why don't kids who are color blind see everything in black and white?

Life isn't black and white for kids who are color blind. In fact, color blind people can see most colors... Color blind kids might only be missing one particular type of cone, such as green or red. Although the person can see the other colors, they might see gray for the cones they are missing."

It's great fun, and oh, so informative. You will find yourself picking it up again and again to answer questions from your kids and even some that you have. ENJOY!

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