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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Green Princess Cookbook, by Barbara Beery. Gibbs Smith, Raincoast. 2009. $19.95 ages 5 and up

"Farmers markets are a great place to go with your family to buy organic and lovally grown food. Look for a farmers market near you because farmers markets are often set up in a park or parking lot and meet once or twice a week. It's a fun way to shop!"

Our family clearly remembers when Erin decided that she did not want to go to McDonald's long as they used styrofoam containers for the food ordered. It was her concern that gave us pause. That was twenty-five years ago, and we have come a long way. Today, kids are starting to pay more attention to what is happening in their world and are voicing their worry for the future. They want to be informed about the environment and are keen to find ways to protect it.

Barbara Beery has taken that sentiment to heart when creating her Green Princess Cookbook. She begins quickly, providing what's needed to become more 'green'. A two-page entry defines organic, buying local, 100 mile diet, and offers reasons for making informed choices. Then, she launches into the recipes, meant for partying, but party fare just the same.

Most recipes can be made by your princess, with a little help from a grownup. The first is a recipe for solar power lemonade which requires the chopped strawberries to be placed in the sun for 90 minutes, prior to pouring through a strainer and adding the lemon juice and other ingredients. A 'green living' tip at the bottom of the page offers other ideas for using solar power.

Each entry is a two page spread with step by step recipe, green living tip and a clear and colorful photograph of the final product....enticing, while not necessarily heart healthy. All in moderation, and the recipes are for party planning, let's remember. Sorbet, ice cream, party dips, salsas, muffins, even cornbread in a can. What fun and what a great way to get fledgling cooks thinking beyond the basic recipes to what is going to better for sustainability.

A fun addition to the Princess series. Party on, princesses!

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