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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

JUMP! Written and illustrated by Scott M Fischer. Simon & Schuster. 2010. $18.99 ages 2 and up

I'm a bug.
I'm a bug.
I'm a snug little bug,
and I'm sleeping on a jug.
Until I see a frog,
and I...

Kids will love the rhythm and rhyme of this story about a variety of contented animals sleeping in numerous places until their sleep is disturbed by a menacing enemy with an uncanny desire to frighten them. Each time they JUMP!

If you go to Scott Fischer's website at, you will see him perform the spirited song with a group of excited kids. And it will give you a tune to share as you explore the story with each new group. It's quite catchy!

And then there's the art! Expressive, cartoony characters fill the pages in warm-hued watercolors. They sneak peeks from behind jugs, stumps, doors, logs...just where they aren't expected! They send their unsuspecting prey straight up in the air with their untimely appearance. The frightened ones JUMP, abject horror on their faces in direct opposition to the glee shown by their 'stalkers'.

Size matters here. The final JUMP causes a change in perspective, as the book must be turned sideways to get the full impact of the whale's explosion from its ocean home. Thus, the world's largest mammal ends the tale, releasing all previous captives to enjoy another day! Each erupts from the blowhole and bounces back to the starting point...a bug on a jug!

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