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Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids Almanac 2011 (Canadian Edition) National Geographic, Random House, 2010. $16.95 ages 10 and up

"Created by National Geographic, Crittercams have been used on more than 50 species of land and marine animals. 'The cameras allow us to look at the world from an animal's point of view,' says Crittercam creator Greg Marchall. When the cameras fall off, they send out radio signals so the scientists can find them."

What is there to say about a kids almanac and the intrigue it holds, the knowledge it shares, the glorious photographs it houses and the fun and delight it brings its readers? Well, you can say it's amazing, awesome, astounding, absorbing, abundant, accurate, academic, ambitious, amusing, anticipated and appreciated. That is just the start...the a's!

Kids love books filled with information that they can read, share and then read again out loud to someone who is interested in knowing what they have just learned. National Geographic does a most commendable job of getting to the heart of the matter in accumulating so much interesting 'stuff'. The table of contents announces the categories explored...your world 2011, amazing animals, going green, super science, geography rocks, history happens, culture connection, awesome adventure, wonders of nature and future world.

"Surprise! Most scientists think that no one is truly ambidextrous, or able to use both hands equally. But if you have a dominant hand and can still write or throw accurately with the other, you're what scientists call mixed-handed. Studies show mixed handers tend to have better memories of everyday experiences, such as what they had for lunch a week ago. Mixed handers also may be more open-minded."

If you can't find something here to pique your interest or answer some of your questions, you won't find it anywhere. Enjoy!

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