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Monday, May 10, 2010

Born Yesterday, written by James Solheim and illustrated by Simon James. Penguin Group (Canada), 2010. $20.00 ages ages 4 and up

"July 7th

Talk about unexpected.
I was in the dark, thinking about my future career as
a writer, when suddenly I was in this cold pan and a lady was
rubbing me all over with a towel.

I wasn't wearing so much as a hair ribbon. And horror!
My mom and dad were there.
If I'd known I was going to be born in public, I'd at least
have put on a tank top."

I love to laugh out loud. I know it makes me feel better and it sure makes my day! Perhaps I will start every day with James Solheim's delightful book about a young journalist in the making. He starts 'write' in with an entry on the day of his birth. As the year passes, he continues to share his observations with his charmed audience. He is inspired by his sister and her abilities, admires the fact that the mayor has allowed her to attend kindergarten because she could make the best mud pies and is fascinated with the changes that are happening in his own body. He goes on family outings, to school and for walks with his mother and his dog, Foofy. He expresses his dreams for the future and his anxieties about some of the daily happenings in their home.

"Boys are similar to people,
except they make funny sounds.
When this boy item came
to visit, my sister ignored me
almost forever. So I banged
on my crib."

When his sister reads his diary he is mortified and thinks he had better find another place to live. But when she comes home in tears, it is into his crib she crawls and it is his comfort she seeks.

"She said, 'You always listen, and you only laugh with me, not at me. You are my best friend."

Now, there's comfort!

Wonderful...I can't wait to share it. I look forward to each of Simon James' new books, whether he is the writer, the illustrator or both. Here he creates dear, sweet characters who capture your heart with their delightful charm and humor. The expressions are a perfect match to the heartwarming, funny text. Now I will have to keep my eyes open for new fare from James Solheim, as well.

This book is a real winner, and certainly will add depth to my Keep It shelf!

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